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Ex-WWE writer claims the company knew that Roman Reigns was returning in December just two months after leukemia diagnosis


This will go some way to explaining how Reigns was able to shoot scenes in The Rock’s new movie, but his cancer was very real

Roman Reigns was forced to walk away from the WWE in October 2018 after being diagnosed with leukemia for the second time in his life.

The four-time world champion had to relinquish his Universal title in the process and only returned to Monday Night Raw last week after nearly five months out.

Roman Reigns saying goodbye to WWE back in October

The Big Dog’s inspirational victory against cancer is quite incredible, especially when you consider the time he did it in.

However, according to former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide on the Wrassle Rap podcast, the WWE knew he was returning in Decemeber.

That means the Shield member overcame the disease in just two months – staggering.

A wide-ranging interview goes in-depth about his nine-month run with the company before he was let go in February and gives plenty of behind the scene stories about the company.

Still, WWE knew Reigns was going to return from December onwards and should partially explain how he was able to film scenes for the Rock’s upcoming film Hobbs and Shaw.

Reigns, 32, has handled his recovery admirably, but there are still some cynical fans out there suggesting that he was never really ill in the first place and this was a ploy from Vince McMahon to get a positive reaction for Reigns.

Even in the world of professional wrestling, that might be the most ludicrous notion going.

Reigns is set to appear on Raw tonight and rumours suggest he will have his first match back in the WWE on Sunday at the Fastlane pay-per-view as part of a Shield reunion.



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